It’s the night before Christmas
and children worldwide
Are tucked up in bed with their folks by their side
When outside their door
Santa’s voice can be heard
Santa’s Hear transforms your voice with your words

Be the Santa YOU want your Child to Know

By recording what you would like Santa to say when he comes to your home on Christmas Eve you can fully personalise the experience for your child. You can take the opportunity for Santa to commend their behaviour and achievements and also encourage them to do those things they’ve been finding a little difficult

Include him talking to the family pet and how he loves the treats you have left out for him. In mentioning your child’s friends, special people in their lives and experiences, watch their eyes light up when Santa knows about them too!

You can use Santa’s Hear all Year !

Create a message “from Santa” to help you with your child’s behaviour – any time of the year.
A very useful tool!

Five Steps in Santa’s Boots

The screenshots and the steps below will show you how YOU can be Santa

Step 1

Set your PIN to ensure your information is secure

Step 2

The HOW TO in the MENU will guide you through more detailed instructions and information

Step 3

See the sound waves as you record your voice

Step 4

Slide the transform bar to alter your voice and then save the sound you want

Step 5

Play back your Santa recording to your child on Christmas Eve. Set the delay clock to give you more time to settle their excitement.
You may want to video their reaction!

Download Santa’s Hear Now!


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We've created this app to help YOU create a unique experience with your child on Christmas Eve


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